First 36 hours in New York

I flew into New York (for the first time ever) on Thursday evening to catch up with an old friend from home who was also visiting the Big Apple. Maybe its because I’ve been in Boston for 2 months (and don’t like it hugely as a town compared with London), but I really love New York already. It seems to have lots of the great things about London and then compresses it together so you don’t have to take a 40 minute cab ride across town to get between ports of call.

So items checked off the list so-far:

– Grand Central Station

– Times Square (like Piccadilly Circus / Leicester Square on steroids)

– Jackson Hole (a damn good burger joint)

– United Nations (the cafe was shut, but I wanted to go to show my support for the organisation even if my country’s government wants to treat it with disdain)

– Empire State Building (the queues were longish but the views made it worth it)

– Staton Island ferry (which is free, and is an easy way to get a good view of the Statue of Liberty)

– Wall St (which was a lot smaller and more like London than I imagined it would be)

– Ground Zero (no comment necessary)

– various bars till 4 am

Photos to come later…

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