MP3s & Album Art

I was walking to work this morning, scrolling through my iPod choosing what to listen to, and I thought “wouldn’t it be great if I could view by album cover, just like MusicMatch can”. I think it would be good since there’s some weird emotional association between the album art and the music itself.

Then I was checking my news feeds this morning when I got it in and saw Clutter which is kind of along the same lines.

All of which makes me think that if a lot of mp3 players (software and hardware) had the ability to show album covers then mp3’s would take off even more. I think this would also make packaging mp3’s as a sellable form more appealing. Certainly I’d start buying mp3 format rather than CD format.

If you bought your album in mp3 form with the album art, why stick to static pictures though? Why not have a little repeated film loop or something? Imagine the Sergeant Pepper cover where everyone on the front was moving around. Maybe the album art could change over time, or change based on the time of day (so the White Album would actually be the Black Album at night). That would be cool.