Across the Golden Gate

So the holiday rolls on (and I’m using my computer, I know, I know…) Wednesday we mooched around a bit, including going up Mount Hamilton on the eastern side of the valley. Unfortunately there was too much haze / smog to get a good view of below once we’d got to the top.

Thursday I took the scenic route from San Jose to San Francisco – up the 280 which sweeps through wooded foothills while you can watch the cloud creeping over the main valley side, then along the winding 92 to Half Moon Bay, then up Highway 1 along the precarious cliffside. Once in San Francisco I saw large lumps of Golden Gate Park (including the buffalo!), parts of the Presidio (check out the photo of me by the Golden Gate bridge here) and finally the Palace of Fine Arts (which is functionally pointless, but beatiful nevertheless!) Then I picked up one of my friends and we drove up to the Russian River area, about an hour and a half north of SF, where we’re staying for a few days. I like being on holiday. 🙂