Bluffers Guide To Doing Wimbledon

Yesterday I made my first trip to the Wimbledon tennis championships. I had a fantastic time, without spending much money, so here’s my suggestions of how to enjoy it. 🙂

– Go on a day when the English football team are playing in an international tournament – the queue to get in will be about a quarter what it normally is

– Get off work early at 4 pm, get to Wimbledon after 5 pm so only pay 9 pounds to get in.

– Meet up with parent who has no. 1 Court tickets and wants to get home early to watch aforementioned football match

– Use these tickets to get into a show court and watch a terrific match where a French Open finalist struggles against unseeded opponent

– Drink Pimms

– Finally, sneak into Centre Court to watch the last 10 minutes of the day from 4th row back.

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