You've got GMail

I’ve always considered myself a fairly demanding email user. For a long time, I’ve expected to be able to use folder hierarchies, server-side rules, secure connections and an easy to use interface. For personal email I’ve used IMAPS or IMAP/ssh tunnel and procmail since 1999. I expect proprietory mail systems to fit the bill too (which I’m often disappointed by.)

But now along comes GMail and its changed 5 years of habits. I have switched pretty much all of my personal and mailing list email to it. It doesn’t have offline support, but I spend most of my time at a computer on a broadband connection now so that’s less important.

There are several reasons for switching, but they are all usability related: filtering is much easier to do than in procmail; I find I don’t need hierarchies anymore; I have a manageable inbox for the first time in years; its blisteringly quick, and so many reasons more.

I can’t recommend it enough – switch to GMail today if you can. If you know me and want me to refer you for a GMail account just ask.

What does Skype mean anyway

Skype is a free Instant Messaging App that also does really high quality free Voice over IP. Its easy to use, free, and the sound quality and lag are great even over wireless LAN and long distance. And did I say it was free?

It also does voice calling to real phones. That’s not quite free, but is cheap (probably cheaper than using a phone card if you’re making international calls.)

Go get it from And if I know you, email me, we can exchange contact details, and start Skype’ing!