CruiseControl.NET 0.7 Released

I’m very happy to say that CruiseControl.NET 0.7 has been released. This was a fascinating release for me to work on for three reasons:

– I updated and added to most of the application, so I real feel I know it pretty well now

– I started playing with some new concepts, (like starting my own MVC implementation)

– … and most importantly, I finally understood how wonderful TDD, Interface-first, Mocking, Constructor Dependency Injection and the like all go together to make coding a whole new experience, with much better results.

The following is taken from the release notes

CruiseControl.NET 0.7 is one of our largest single releases so far. If you are upgrading from 0.6.1 or earlier, there are some big changes. Some updates are:

* Web Dashboard now has reporting options, allowing one web application instance to report multiple CruiseControl.NET projects across multiple servers. This feature is still in development, but see here for more details

* State Managers now automatically work for multi-project servers (so you should be able to take them out of your config file and forget about them!)

* The Xml log publisher now has default settings that work for multi-project servers (so you should just need an empty tag.) File merging has been removed from the Xml Logger, so you must use a File Merge Task for this behaviour.

* Some Source Control plugins can now automatically update your source tree for you (so no need for bootstrap builds). This feature is currently implemented by the CVS, Perforce and Visual Source Safe plugins.

* New section replaces old (See here)

* Introduction of ‘Working Directory’ and ‘Artifact’ as Project-level concepts to make relative directories easier to use. More support for these concepts will be coming in later releases.

* Considerable documentation updates

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