End of a Domain

Its time to say goodbye to my domain names.

5 years ago I bought the domain name ‘transmorphic.co.uk’. At the time I was into reconfigurable computing, the idea of re-defining the hardware in a computer. ‘Transmorphic’ was a made up word, meaning (in my mind) ‘changing’ or ‘beyond’ (trans) ‘shape’ (morphic).

About a year later I became more vain, and wanted my own .com . ‘transmorphic.com’ had gone, but ‘tmorph.com’ was available, so I grabbed it. Apart from anything else it was a good place to host my CV. 🙂

For over a year now though I haven’t been advertising my domain names. Instead I’ve been using mikeroberts.thoughtworks.net for my web idendity and since Gmail my Gmail address for all personal email. Because of this, I’ve allowed my domains to expire. I’ll probably get another one in the future, but for now please use these internet identies to find me.

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