So 3 acronymns and 3 Microsoft developer community oriented updates.

Firstly, I’m off to Microsoft PDC next month. As with most conferences I expect the interesting stuff to happen in the corridors between sessions and there’s certainly a lot of great people going to be there to chat to. However, I’m also looking forward to hearing the latest gossip from MS about Vista and VS 2005. At the moment I’m somewhat cynical about what’s actually going to be left in Vista that won’t be available under Windows XP eventually (Avalon, Indigo, IE7, etc.) but I’m going with an open a mind as I can.

Of course, I’m definitely looking forward to meeting the MSBuild guys to see what their plans are.

Next up, I’m getting more involved with the London .NET community. I helped out at last month’s meeting by being on a panel answering questions about Agile Development, and I’m also going to be at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Day on the 22nd October. I’ve submitted a few sessions, but will wait to see if anyone’s interested in hearing me before I say I’m actually presenting. 🙂

And finally, I got made a Solutions Architect MVP! I’m not sure who nominated me but many thanks to whoever it was! I don’t hang-out much in the usual forums that a lot of MVPs frequent but I certainly hope to carry on blogging about the agile .NET world and helping out with the London .NET group.

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