New Domain, htaccess and Text Drive

So, first things first, my blog has moved. Its now at .

All things being well, your browser or RSS aggregator should already be looking at the new location right now. That’s because I’ve setup redirects from my old server (which runs Apache). It was all pretty easy really – I just created a single .htaccess file in the root of my old webspace with the following line in it:

Redirect /blog

This redirects any request starting with /blog to the new space, and works for sub-directories too. Not only was this easy to setup, I didn’t need any administrative privileges on the server to do it.

My new domain and webspace are hosted at TextDrive. They’re not the cheapest hosting company around but they provide a huge amount of functionality (including shell access) and just seem to be extremely competent and professional. At the moment my site is just static HTML which I uploaded using scp, but I’m looking forward to trying out some of the Subversion / DAV features and maybe even some Ruby hosting if I get around to learning it.

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