Buildix – a complete SCM strategy in a free box

Buildix is a Linux distribution with a bundled source control server, issue tracker and continuous integration. In short, its a complete development server in a box, which requires almost no configuration. Even better its completely free since it uses only open-source software. And even better than that there’s a free VMWare virtual appliance (which will work with the free VMWare Server) so you can try it out with almost zero barrier to entry (apart from the download time and about half an hour to try it out.)

I’m really glad ThoughtWorks have made this available to the public – huge kudos to Chris Read, Julian Simpson and Tom Sulston for making this happen. I actually saw Buildix used on its first couple of projects before it went public and was very impressed.

Now I just need to help them get CruiseControl.NET running on it under Mono. 🙂

Update – Chris Read (one of the buildix developers) blogs more about how it came about

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