The universe conspires for us

As anyone who knows me understands, I’ve faced some challenges over the last couple of years. One or two I’ve mentioned on this blog, most I haven’t.

Throughout though, I’ve maintained faith in one thing. Recently my former colleague. JR, put it better than I ever have – the universe conspires for us, and not against us.

The last few days have seen a sequence of events happen, and things have fallen into place ‘just so’, to support such a faith. Is this faith in a god, or humanity, or luck? None of them really, but what exactly this faith is targetted towards is actually of little consequence. How I choose to live is what is important, and living as though the universe conspires for me has this strange knack of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. At the moment, with the little understanding I have of this world in which we live, that is enough for me.

And when I have weekends like I have just had, I say ‘thanks’ to the universe, and continue walking my path.