Fixing Firefox 2 instabilities under OS X (in a nasty, hacky, way)

I’ve been running Firefox 2 on my main Mac OS X machine since it was released, and ever since then it’s been annoying me by freezing up. The timings of such freezes are completely non-nondeterministic, sometimes it hangs before it’s even finished loading all the tabs from the last session (which normally is a lovely feature of Firefox 2, by the way.)

I’ve been keeping an eye out for bug-fixes, but none have happened so yesterday I trawled once again on Google. The only thing I could find was the suggestion to completely remove Firefox, including all localizations (plugins, etc.), from my machine, and re-install. I’ve done that, and so far so good. It seems there’s a problem with Firefox 2 installs that are upgrades from previous versions (I was running 1.5, and the 2.0 release candidates before.)

It’s a bit of a nasty hack, and I haven’t had this problem on my Windows installs of Firefox 2. It’s not too much of a problem for me though since I don’t store bookmarks locally, but more on that in my next post…

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