I've been blogtagged

Damn you Chris Donnan! OK, here’s my 5 things you probably don’t know about me…

1) As an 8 year old I was a member of the official ‘Masters of the Universe’ fan club.

2) Around the same time I was fascinated with road layouts and maps and was convinced I’d end up in civil engineering or cartography.

3) Finally around this time I wrote my first program. It was coded in Logo, and I think was on a Research Machines 480z. I remember being very excited about the fact it had a robotic turtle attached that would follow the commands of the program. It would be 3 years until I coded again, and I really caught the programming habit when I started secondary school at the age of 12.

4) I guess I wrote my first ‘enterprise’ application at the age of 15. It was a database-type application written in QuickBasic using flat files for storage. I remember it was big enough (~ 20000 lines) that it wouldn’t compile into a single .exe program, so even back then I was fiddling with compilers and source trees figuring out ways to build efficient dependent module schemes.

5) I was never in a band, nor have I got any famous relations. Myself and Mike Mason won a karaoke competition in our first few weeks at University though (the actual winner had left by the time the prizes were handed out…), I guess that’s the closest I’ve come to artistic superstardom.

And on that note, I tag Mike Mason, Joe Walnes, Jay Fields, Ivan Moore and Patrick Kua.