Build Traffic Light. Literally.

Traffic LightOne of the most important aspects to an effective continuous integration setup is quick and obvious feedback. People have come up with lots of different red/green ‘traffic light’ monitors, from CruiseControl.NET’s CCTray to Lava Lamps. However, one team has taken the metaphor a bit further – an actual traffic light. Click here and scroll to item 12 for more detail.

XTC-NYC Iteration 2

New York’s eXtreme Tuesday kicked off with a bang 2 weeks ago – we had a turn-out of 30 or so people and it appeared everyone enjoyed themselves!

The next XTC-NYC is next Tuesday (the 6th Feb) and will take place at Silver Swan at 41 East 20th Street (just north of Union Square). This place has some great beer on tap so I’m looking forward to trying some of it out over good conversation!

More detail on the XTC-NYC blog here.