It’s already most of the way round the blogosphere by now, but I just wanted to join in the voices of condemnation against the people who have abused Kathy Sierra.

I use the word ‘abuse’ quite purposefully. It is, in my mind, criminal to threaten someone in such a way, and should not be toleratated.

I was disheartened, but unfortunately not surprised, to hear of Desi McAdam’s retelling of what one of her (male) associates said of the matter, basically ‘yeah, it’s going to happen, she’s just got to suck it up. If it was a man no-one would care.’. Did the suffragettes just ‘suck it up’ when they believed it was unjust for them not to have the right to vote?

Apart from anything else, it completely misses the value of the individual, and without outstanding individuals like Kathy Sierra as part of our careers, and lives at large, we would suffer. It’s time we appreciate them, no matter their gender, and defend their human rights whether online or not.

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