Au revoir to .NET, & .NET open source

Through a combination of switching to the Mac, moving to a new company that’s almost entirely a Java shop (more on that soon!), and becoming significantly ‘post-technical’, I’ve decided to bow out of my .NET open source projects, and I doubt I’ll be doing any .NET coding for a while.

I’ve been one of the project leads for CruiseControl.NET for nearly 4 years. Doing so has been a great experience and opportunity, and I’d like to thank all of the people who have contributed to CCNet in this time. CCNet still holds its own in a CI-tool landscape increasingly populated by commercial offerings, and the reason it can do so is largely down to its community. Owen Rogers, the rock of CCNet since its inception, will be holding the reigns by himself for now.

I’m also handing over Tree Surgeon, my own pet project for helping people start .NET projects off on the right standing. Bil Simser has graciously agreed to take it over, and has some great ideas so I’m sure this is a good step forward for the project. Bil has moved Tree Surgeon to Codeplex, so you should look there for all future activity.

This is ‘au revoir’ though, and not goodbye. I think C# is one of the most interesting software languages in the world today with all the new things that are happening to it, and who knows where I may be and what I may be doing in a few years time.

Furthermore, this is not the end of this blog or my being part of the agile software community. Indeed, I hope that this change will allow me to spend more time on some different areas. Ah heck, who am I kidding, once a build monkey, always a build monkey!

4 thoughts on “Au revoir to .NET, & .NET open source”

  1. Thanks for your contribution, Mike. We used TreeSurgeon to get going on our project, and CCNet is an integral part of every day.

    All the best for your new work.

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