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One of the many enjoyable parts to my new job is when I get to meet some of my actual New York Stock Exchange colleagues from our famous office on Broad St (the TransactTools office is a 5 minute walk up Broadway.) The people I’ve met so far are a good bunch, lacking some of the harshness I’ve found from some previous organizations. Moreover some of them have huge amounts of experience being here.

As I said in my last blog entry, NYSE is in an interesting space right now, and is changing a lot what with merging with other exchanges, pushing new technologies, and the like. It’s not just the new blood that’s driving this change – it’s the people who’ve been around a while too.

Take Ray Pellecchia, for instance. He’s been with the Exchange for nearly 20 years. When he joined the firm I hadn’t even started secondary school. With that comes a lot of experience, and of course some interesting stories! But not wanting to rest on his laurels, Ray is actually one of the people driving new ideas here. One of them is the NYSE Hybrid Talks blog at .

As a newbie to the exchange, this blogs helps me get a better idea of what we’re doing, but it’s also an internet-friendly way of telling the world of the new things we’re up to. And as a final kicker, the discussions in the comments allow Ray to interact with NYSE customers, and those customers to interact with each other, in ways that were hitherto impossible.

So NYSE is certainly one of the older firms here in the US, but is embracing new business and technology practices in exciting ways. It’s going to be a fun ride!

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  1. Hey, Mike — My compliments on your blog, and thanks for the very kind mention. To you and all my new colleagues at TransactTools, welcome aboard! I’m looking forward to the infusion of new ideas and perspectives.

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