Job opportunities in my group at NYSE Euronext

I’ve been on my current team a year now, and things are coming along very nicely. We’ve got a great bunch of people, the agile / XP practice is moving along nicely (lots of pairing, big whiteboard walls, TDD, automated acceptance testing, etc.), and we moved the desktop development environment to fully-specced MacBook Pros with 30″ external screens. Oh, and the pool table is still here so we’ve been honing our skills on that too.

The business has also got more exciting since the update I gave year ago. The NYSE merged with Euronext, and the team here is working closely with teams in Europe and Asia, as well as obviously working with our external customers too. We’ve also purchased Wombat – these guys have some great technology and I’m looking forward to our engineering groups working closely together.

We’re growing, and growing quickly! As such we’re looking for some more great developers to join the team. The most number of open positions are for our Senior Java Engineer position – this is a server-side java role. If you’ve got at least 4 or 5 years development experience and have very strong Java fundamentals skills (including concurrency / multi-threading) this would be most interesting to you.

Furthermore we’re looking for a small team to take ownership of the UI parts of our application. This is going to consist mostly of a re-write and adding new features, and the technologies would be largely up to you (assuming that they can run on a JVM on the server-side.)

The specifics of these are 2 roles are available below:

We’re also looking for product managers / business analysts, ideally with agile experience.

If you’re interested in finding out any more about these roles please email me – I look forward to hearing from you!

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