Retlang & Jetlang

Retlang and Jetlang are open-source libraries for the .NET CLR and JVM that provide concurrency through in-process messaging. Mike Rettig, one of my colleagues at DRW, is the lead of both of these projects.

Today at Speakerconf I presented on these libraries, and the slides can be found here (in Keynote ’09) and here (in PDF).

I encourage you to use the project mailing lists (for Retlang and Jetlang) if you are interested in learning more.

3 thoughts on “Retlang & Jetlang”

  1. Hey Mike

    we’re using jetlang in our algo platform at work – tried adding u on linkedin but your privacy settings are set to paranoid

    hope you are well 🙂

    Ben Ritchie (from Oxford)

  2. Mike,

    The links for the presentations aren’t working. Could you please repost or send a link to where I can access? The presentation was instrumental in my initial understanding of retlang; I need to now help a co-worker with his understanding.



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