Clojurenote – A Clojure library to access the Evernote API

Recently I’ve been having a lot of fun using the Evernote API from Clojure, especially as part of developing Orinoco. I’ve now open-sourced my lowest-level Evernote code as Clojurenote.

Evernote already provides a thorough Java SDK and Clojurenote doesn’t aim to completely replace it. Clojurenote does, however, implement the following:

  • OAuth authentication (using the fantastic Scribe Java library)
  • Basic read/write capabilities, using an OAuth access token, or developer token
  • ENML to HTML translation (ENML is the XHTML derivative that is used for the content of Evernote notes)

You’ll still need to be happy mucking in with the Java SDK but Clojurenote will make a few things cleaner and easier for you in your Evernote-accessing Clojure code.

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