Moving to Medium

I’ve enjoyed using Medium for my last few blog posts, and so I’m going to move there for all new posts. I won’t be posting updates to this blog, unless I move again in the future. To view my ongoing blog posts read them on Medium here, or subscribe to the RSS feed here.

Thanks for reading!

Serverless Architectures

I decided to write a longer piece on the new trend of Serverless Architectures. Martin Fowler asked me if I’d be willing to host it on his site, an opportunity I was happy to take. It’s an ‘evolving publication’, as Martin puts it – as I write this I’ve posted two installments so far and I expect there to be another 4 over the coming days and weeks.

Read Serverless Architectures at Martin’s site.

The Intent Media Engineering Ladders

Cross-posted from Intent Media’s tech blog, here.

Last year I was inspired by several engineering leaders, including Camille Fournier (at the time CTO of Rent the Runway) and James Turnbull (CTO of Kickstarter) to roll-out ‘career ladders’ within the Engineering organization at Intent Media. The technology team grew large enough, and aged enough, and changed enough that the team members lacked clarity about (a) what expectations everyone had of each other’s work; (b) what opportunities people had to grow within the company; and (c) what areas of their work they could focus on in order to best move into those new opportunities.

I read how various teams overcame these challenges (especially Rent The Runway’s work here, here and here, and Kickstarter’s work here) and created, with the assistance of the rest of the organization (especially PJ (Paul Julius), CTO), our own version. In the spirit of giving back to the community that helped to inspire me, I present our model here. Enjoy!

Download – Intent Media Engineering Ladders