Sony Vaio T2XP

4 months ago I bought my latest computer – a Sony Vaio T2XP laptop. It was Jim Webber’s fault – when I met him earlier in the year he pulled out an earlier model (the TR) which completely dwarfed my Dell D600. I immediately challenged him as to its practicality, and almost as soon as I had was forced to eat my words. My model, being somewhat more up to date, has a fast but power-savvy processor (1.2 GHz ULV), 1GB RAM (upgraded from the standard 512MB), 60GB hard disk, an internal DVD re-writer, firewire, USB, etc.

However, what people notice first about it is the size – its tiny (the same width as a 12″ Powerbook, but widescreen form factor so not as deep) and very light (about 1.2 kgs, I think). Then they notice the screen – a gorgeous little 1280×768 number that uses Sony’s X-Black technology (the same as the PSP.)

So what I have is a machine I can carry everywhere, use in economy on a plane (which I am proving today for the first time as I type this blog entry), and yet which is powerful enough to happily do .NET development on. Oh, and did I say it has a (better than) 6 hour battery life? And standby comes back in less than 5 seconds? And it has a really nice clicky Sony keyboard and a trackpad that actually works?

About the only thing I can’t do is play World of Warcraft on it since the 3D graphics aren’t all that, but with the amount of time some of my colleagues are spending on WoW at the moment maybe that’s a good thing.

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