Tree Surgeon has moved, and Google Code

I have moved Tree Surgeon to Google Code and Google Groups – its new home is, and the mailing list is now at This applies to mailing lists, source code, issue tracking and file releases. Tree Surgeon is my open source project that generates a stub .NET development tree.

I’m still planning on doing an update to Tree Surgeon to support .NET 2 projects – I’m kind of holding out until NAnt supports msbuild / Visual Studio 2005 project files.

And in case anyone needs to do this kind of thing in Ruby, Jay Fields wrote in 30 lines of Ruby what I needed an entire project for in .NET – see tree_surgeon.rb .

This has been my first experience using Google Code. It definitely has the Google feel – very lightweight yet some clever thinking underneath to give everything you need. At first sight it feels that you don’t have file release or web space features, but since you have an http accessible subversion repository, you don’t need those things as standalone options (e.g. look at Tree Surgeon’s release directory I created here.) I’ve been using Google Groups for a while now for mailing lists. They’re nothing special compared with Yahoo Groups, etc., but again I like that they are clean and simple.

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